Telemarketers List as of April 21, 2024

The following telemarketers, conforming list brokers, and non-profit organizations have registered with the vendor. The date of registration is shown as well as the date the telemarketer received the Colorado No-Call List from the vendor. Please note that by law a telemarketer does not have to receive the list from the vendor, but can receive the list from a conforming list broker.

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Telemarketer (Company)AddressRegistration
Date List
Xentel, Inc. Bay 24, 3710 Westwinds Dr. SE
Calgary, AB T3J5H3
Feb 28, 2002 Jul 12, 2006
XM Satellite Radio Inc. 1500 Eckington Place NE
Washington, DC 20002
Oct 6, 2006 Did not receive a list yet