Telemarketers List as of June 24, 2024

The following telemarketers, conforming list brokers, and non-profit organizations have registered with the vendor. The date of registration is shown as well as the date the telemarketer received the Colorado No-Call List from the vendor. Please note that by law a telemarketer does not have to receive the list from the vendor, but can receive the list from a conforming list broker.

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Telemarketer (Company)AddressRegistration
Date List
Quality Control Service Group 23172 Plaza Pointe
Suite 230
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Apr 2, 2012 Did not receive a list yet
Quantum Travel Group 100 Country Center Drive
Suite H
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Sep 8, 2010 Did not receive a list yet
QuinStreet, Inc. 950 Tower Lane
6th floor
Foster City, CA 94404
Apr 1, 2011 Mar 23, 2012