I am on the No-Call List and am receiving unwanted telephone calls or faxes.

By Colorado law, complaints regarding unlawful telephone or fax solicitations will be accepted on or after July 1, 2002.

Under the law, telemarketers who call telephone or fax numbers on the No-Call List may be subject to penalty under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. Consumers may also pursue private remedies, such as a small-claims court action, under section 6-1-113 C.R.S. of the same statute. Please be aware that some telephone solicitations are allowed by law. For more information, click here.

Telemarketers receive an updated Colorado No-Call List four times a year. Telemarketers must use the updated list within 20 days of receiving it. For more information, click here.

To submit a complaint

Telephone or Fax number on the Colorado No-Call List
Phone or Fax Number () -
Zip Code

Have you or someone in your household asked the business to contact you or your household?
Have you or someone in your household purchased goods or services or had an established business relationship with the business within the past 18 months?
Have you or someone in your household contacted the business within 30 days?
Was the call or fax made by or on behalf of a charitable organization?
Was the call or fax made on behalf of a political candidate or ballot issue?
Was the call a telephone survey or opinion poll made for the sole purpose of asking for your opinion. For example it did not encourage the purchase, rent of or investment in goods or services?
Was the call an attempt to collect a debt? Concerning an overdue bill?